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Eason Chai

Full Stack Web Developer

Smart Contract Creator

Medium Content Writer

Malaysian-based full stack developer, Ethereum smart contract creator, educator and Medium writer. I develop user-centric applications on the web, leveraging the latest technologies in my projects, from system architecture to frontend frameworks.

Recently I am working on Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on Ethereum & IPFS.

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Hi! My name is Eason, and I started my programming journey since I was 12 years old, making Minecraft mods. At that time, I did not have anyone to ask, so Google became my best friend. Years later, I started playing around with game development using Game Maker Studio. It was during that moment that I had started to learn more about Software Development Lifecycles and about programming in general. At 18, I begun learning Java in university, and spent my free time picking up Python, HTML & CSS.

At 20, I took the biggest leap by signing up to ETHGlobal’s HackMoney 2020 Hackathon. I did not know anything about Ethereum smart contract development and decided to challenge myself to learn it within the duration of the hackathon. Over that one month, I’ve picked up Solidity, Javascript & React while working with people from around the world. Ever since that day, I just kept going. I then joined HackFS 2020 and got selected into the Apollo Program, where I spent more time learning about IPFS while improving my full stack skills. I then landed my first full-time job in a software house as a Software Engineer.

Fast forward to 2021, I challenged myself and took a 26-day piscine in 42KL, earning my spot as a cadet in the 42 Network. I’ve just completed HackFS 2021, making it my third Ethereum hackathon in the past two years.


Freelance Software Developer

Cosway Sdn Bhd

June 2020 - September 2020

  • Carried out on-site field studies and developed a warehouse closure handling system that reduced a 4-day workload to 2 days.
  • Mitigated double handling, thus improving staff efficiency by 100%.
  • Designed and developed an Electron app with Excel integration.

Technologies: React, Electron


Here are a few of my projects that I have worked on in the past, including hackathons

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